Marc Ooms -

Marc Ooms -

Beyond his official studies, Marc Ooms (Visiter la page web has learnt a lot from functional, real-life experiences. As one of his first steps into the sphere of higher education, Marc Ooms studied at Heilig-Hartcollege in Ganshoren, Brussels. He completed his BSc in Business Administration which prepared him for a long, successful and diverse professional future. The title 'Heilig-Hartcollege' (that means 'Sacred Heart College'), was determined by a recognised building of worship which lies close by, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Greenyard Foods started off about fifty years ago (way before Marc Ooms joined) as a really small company. At Greenyard Foods, he works together with a company that has a customer base that includes a number of the leading retailers and supermarkets in the world. He became associated back in the year 2011 by becoming an involved and seasoned Member of the Board. Nowadays, the business is a worldwide specialist in fresh and prepared fruits and vegetables, an area of which Marc Ooms still has some potent childhood memories.

The Early Career of Marc Ooms

Marc Ooms grew up around the vegetable and fruits company which was owned by his father. He stayed greatly connected with one of Belgium's most highly-regarded private banking organisations until his retirement back in the year 2011. Observing a business in complete functionality from a fairly early age may have prompted Marc Ooms's outlook.

Marc Ooms and the Arts

Marc Ooms maintains a watchful eye on the modern art trade to remain informed with regards to the latest art. Through the decades, he has established a big curiosity about the arts. Marc Ooms is a regular browser of an assortment of art fairs and galleries.

Marc Ooms - The Basics

In Ganshoren, Marc Ooms's mother secured a valued position with the Family and Social Affairs department. Marc Ooms's father owned an establishment that was involved in importing vegetables and fruit. These days, he's a proud and caring dad to three daughters and has many grandchildren. He grew up as the eldest son and resided at home with his parents and his siblings.